• The inserts you'll want at a price you'll love
  • Kennametal "Made In The USA" quality
  • Streamlined ANSI/ISO product offering for easy product selection
  • Manufactured, stocked and shipped out of Cleveland, OH

Getting the Most from Every Insert
Kennametal Select products make it simple to get the most out of your inserts, and your money. Every insert is gold, which exposes wear as the tool continues to be used. This makes it easy to detect when an insert is ready to be changed - maximizing the product's value and protecting the workpiece. Also, because Kennametal Select inserts can be used in most applications, a single insert can take on any number of tasks, thus reducing your inventory. Kennametal Select products are also reliable enough to cut steel, stainless steel, cast iron, and high-temperature alloys, enabling quick changes in workpiece materials without the need to swap inserts, saving time and money.

Best Way to Save
Kennametal Select inserts were developed to make it easy for small and midsize turning operations to utilize an affordable, quality product. With greater durability than competitively listed products, Kennametal Select inserts ensure an overall reduction of tooling costs.

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Positive Inserts (all materials)


Negative Inserts - Finishing (all materials)


Negative Inserts - General Purpose (Steel)


Negative Inserts - General Purpose (Stainless)


Negative Inserts - Roughing


Negative Inserts - General Purpose (Hi Temp Alloys)


Negative Inserts - General Purpose (Cast Iron)