From SGS the Ti-Namite-A coating is aluminum titanium nitride, or AlTiN. Carbide Depot now offers this gray colored coating as our only coating option for SGS carbide round tool products for 2 reasons: (1) it has demonstrated superior or equal tool life to both gold colored colored titanium nitride (TiN, or Ti-Namite) and violet colored titanium carbonitride (TiCN, or Ti-Namite-C) on all workpiece materials in round tool applications, and (2) SGS keeps much better stock availability of the Ti-NamiteA coated tools.

Exceptional performance on:

  • stainless steels
  • high temperature alloys
  • hardened steels
  • cast iron
  • high speed cutting
  • dry cutting

Hardness: 3300HV0.05
Coefficient of friction: .45
Oxidation Temperature: 800 deg C / 1472 deg F
Thickness: 1-4 microns (based on tool diameter)