What's different in our new platform? Not much!

It's not just a new, pretty color scheme. Carbide Depot has now moved to a new shopping cart platform for upgraded security. We did change some wording and the location of a few of the links to more easily fit the template of the new platform:

Login, and Account information (after login), are now in the very top navigation menu above the Search box:


Customer Support was formerly in that same top navigation menu, but it is now just "Support" and is moved to regular blue top navigation menu:


Also in the blue top navigation menu:

And that's it, as far as navigation.

WHAT ABOUT THE SPEED? We don't know for sure, but we have been told that our site could be slower for the first few days until bots and shoppers have crawled through it to index it. We have taken steps to have this done over a weekend, so we hope the difference is not noticeable, but it could be. If so, we ask you to PLEASE BE PATIENT. We are running the same tables from the same servers, so once the site is fully indexed, the speed will be the same as it has been.

You might notice a few enhancements, like linking to manufacturer eCatalog pages direct from our Search Results pages. We are really excited about this time saving feature!

If you have any complaints or suggestions or compliments, we would appreciate it if you would call us at 205-942-6005 or email us at [email protected], rather than making your comments through our independent third party Shopper Approved Customer Review system. We are prepared for a few bugs that we missed, and we would be disappointed if those issues, which we will quickly address, should affect our hard-earned 98% four-five star rating! :)