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Welcome to, the largest online supplier of carbide cutting tools!

Our Roots

The idea for Carbide Depot started back in 1997, as an Internet site where unused surplus carbide inserts could be sold. Using the Web was the perfect way to allow customers to search our database of surplus tooling for items that they happened to use on a regular basis. For four years we saved our customers hundreds of thousands of dollars, while supplying well over a million brand new carbide inserts at huge surplus price savings.

Customer-driven Evolution Becomes Revolution

Along the way we found that our customers had a lot of technical questions and were looking for online tools to assist their daily activities with cutting tools. So, we started  building a wide variety of technical resource tools. Handy calculators, reference tables, application guides; the list just kept growing. Soon we started getting e-mails for all kinds of tooling requests. It ended up that customers were simply saying to us, any chance I could just buy all my carbide tools online at Carbide Depot? As a result, in 2002, we started working hand-in-hand with various carbide manufacturers to become a full line distributor of carbide inserts, carbide round tools, and related tooling.

Carbide Depot Today

Now we've grown to be the #1 Online Distributor for Carbide Tooling. There's nowhere like Carbide Depot for the most advanced Web-based shopping experience, breadth of selection, and technical resources. We are now an online distributor for tools from Kennametal, Iscar, Mitsubishi Carbide, Seco, Garr Tool, Tungaloy-NTK, Widia, Kyocera SGS, Harvey Tool, Helical Solutions, Titan USAKyocera, Walter, Allied Machine, Tool-Flo and more.

Carbide Depot promises the following:

  • We will always feature competitive discount prices, likely the best values you can find anywhere on the Web. Orders are processed by credit card only, which means all customers share equally in the savings of Carbide Depot not having to constantly track down slow paying accounts.
  • We will always be more than just an online shopping site. Carbide Depot is committed to completely automate the functions of the traditional industrial distributor in an online environment. This saves you time and money. We will always offer our customers information on what tools to use for their specific applications as well as the parameters by which to use them. New enhancements include:
    • Real-time Check Stock buttons so you can know what’s available before you enter the order.
    • Manufacturer eCatalog links so you can get pictures, diagrams and specs on even new products without waiting for us to shuffle data.
    • Orders are transmitted immediately to our suppliers by EDI for the fastest shipping and no mistakes.
    • Prompt emails when you order an out-of-stock item (just to make sure you didn’t overlook the Check Stock button), giving you the option to wait, cancel, or substitute.
    • Prompt tracking number emails so you know when your order has shipped and can plan for its arrival.

  • By handling our customer interactions and transactions online we can pass significant savings on to our customers. We also drop-ship all orders to you direct from our suppliers' warehouses for fast delivery. All this adds up to significant savings that we pass onto our customers.
  • We will provide the Internet's best online interactive resources free for manufacturing professionals so you can find the right tools, optimize jobs, and conduct quick and easy comparison shopping.

Our Contact Information:

Carbide Depot, Inc.
1474 Pettyjohn Road
Bessemer, AL  35022   USA

Phone: (205) 942-6005
E-mail: [email protected]

William McKnight
William McKnight is the President and CEO of Carbide Depot. William (Ted) has worked at Carbide Depot for over a decade with experience in all departments. Ted now focuses on administrative duties, web development, and marketing.

Dudley Barton
Dudley Barton handles Financial Management and supplier relations for Carbide Depot. He has worked in the cutting tool distribution field since 1980 and also is owner of Max Tool, an industrial distributor also located in Birmingham.

Jeff Dailey
Jeff Dailey is Sales Manager for Carbide Depot. Jeff handles your phone calls and emails for quotes, tech support, and orders.

Charles Pierce
Charles Pierce is Purchasing Manager for Carbide Depot and provides telephone sales support as needed.

Chandler Poston
Chandler Poston is IT Manager for Carbide Depot. He was with UPS for 6 years in computer programming and database management. Chandler assists with Web development and SQL programming.

Dylan Browning
Dylan Browning is Warehouse Manager for Carbide Depot and in charge of shipping, receiving, and inventory.