CCMT2151PP PR1225

KY TKE01477

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CCMT 2151PP PR1225 Grade PVD Carbide, Indexable Turning Insert
  • Grade Name: PR1225
  • Insert Material: CARBIDE - PVD COATED
  • ISO Range: P10-35 M15-35
  • Coating: MEGACOAT
  • Material Description: Steel, Stainless
  • Grade Description: For carbon steel and stainless steel, general purpose and high feed rate. Stable cutting and long tool life for steel and stainless machining. Improved tool life and high speed capability due to its superior heat resistance and hardness. Stability improved through prevention of crater wear (oxidation, diffusional wear). High thermal stability and surface smoothness provide excellent surface finish. With superior anti-oxidation resistance and an extra hard coating, PR1225 covers a wide application range. Improved coating adhesion provides increased stability and longer tool life. New thin coating technology significantly reduces edge build-up providing very effective machining of stainless steel. New series of sharp-edge chipbreakers provide stable cutting and superior chip evacuation.