DNMG3(3)0.5FP5 WPP20G

WAL 8115416

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Walter Indexable Inserts for Turning (Negative Basic Shape) ISO# DNMG110402-FP5 WPP20G)
  • Grade Name: WPP20G
  • Insert Material: CARBIDE - CVD COATED
  • ISO Range: P20 K20
  • Coating: Tiger-tec Gold MT-TiCN / Al2O3 / TiN
  • Material Description: Steel, Cast Iron
  • Grade Description: WPP20G is a universal Tiger-tec Gold grade specially designed for turning operations. Steel is the primary application (cast iron is the secondary application). WPP20G has a special layered structure. A patent-pending, highly textured, multi-layered MT-TiCN layer increases toughness and reduces flank face wear, resulting in lower production costs. The highly textured Al2O3 layer also minimises crater wear; the final gold-coloured top layer improves wear detection. On top of this, Walter provides a multi-stage post-treatment. This produces an unusually smooth rake face, therefore reducing friction and also increasing toughness. This ultimately ensures high process reliability in automated processes.