ACMT060202R-G55 WSP45G

WAL 7924187

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Walter Indexable Inserts for Milling (Walter BLAXX and Xtra tec)
  • Grade Name: WSP45G
  • Insert Material: CARBIDE - PVD COATED
  • ISO Range: P45 M45 S45
  • Coating: TiAlN / Al2O3 / ZrN
  • Material Description: Steel, Stainless, Superalloys
  • Grade Description: WSP45G is the only grade on the market thus far to come with an aluminium oxide (Al2O3) multilayer: Its high level of crystallisation makes it not only extremely wear-resistant, but also heat-resistant. This effectively protects the TiAlN layer below it from heat transfer and therefore from wear when processing ISO P materials. This is the case particularly whenever heat cannot be dissipated through chips – for example when processing ISO materials M and S with poor thermal conductivity. A gold-coloured top layer made from zirconium nitride (ZrN) makes wear detection easy so that every cutting edge is used.