Mitsubishi MVX Promo

The Mitsubishi MVX indexable drilling promo kits come with a drill body of your choice (11/16" to 2-1/2" diameters in sixteenth increments with depths ranging from 2xD to 6xD) and 20 inserts that can be combined in the recommended combination of inboard and outboard choices for your particular workpiece material. Each insert offers the economy of 4 cutting edges, and the unique chipbreaker geometries cover the wide range of workpiece materials and applications. These wiper geometries on the peripheral (outboard) inserts provide excellent wall accuracy. The drill bodies have increased surface hardness to prevent abrasive damage caused by chip flow, and the optimum insert position controls deformation and vibration of the drill bodies.

These kits are put together at the time of order from individual pieces in inventory, so our online stock check will always show zero. But the items for the kits are almost always readily available to be shipped within a day or two. For firm confirmation, search the part numbers that make up a kit you are interested in and click the Check Stock button for those individual items.

These special prices offer savings of 40 to over 50 percent of published MSRP, and in most cases the kit with the body and 20 inserts is less expensive than list price of the body!

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