Is your price per each item, or for the whole box?

All prices shown on the Carbide Depot Web site are the prices for each item, not the price for a whole box. Here is an example of buying one box of inserts:

Our Price: $5.00
Quantity: 10
(Packs of 10)

Our Price is the price of one insert.
Quantity is the number of inserts you will add to your cart.
(Packs of 10) is the number of inserts in each box. This is the minimum order quantity, and any order quantity must be in increments of the box size.

In this example, the inserts are listed at $5.00 per insert, and are sold in boxes of 10 inserts. The cost of one box would be $50.00. If you place an order for the required minimum quantity of 10, the subtotal cost of your order would be $50.00, and you would receive one box containing 10 inserts, not 10 boxes containing 10 inserts each.